Paper (Penn Valley)

This written assignment is due in class on Tuesday, March 17. Here are the instructions:

  1. Read the following selections from your book. You will pick ONE of them to write about. You will not write about all three. You will write about one and only one of them.  If you’re writing about two of these three, then you’re writing about one more than the assignment directs.  Four is right out.
    • Section 233 of “The Wager” by Blaise Pascal (52-54)
    • The section titled The Argument from Design in “Why I Am Not A Christian” by Bertrand Russell (57-58)
    • “God, Evil, and the Best of All Possible Worlds” by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (95-96)
  2. Write a paper of no more than 800 words that addresses all of the following questions (not necessarily in order).
    • What is the purpose of this writing? Does it present a proof? refute a proof?
    • If it is a proof, what properties of God does it prove? Explain.
    • If it refutes a proof, what proof does it refute? Explain.
    • Describe the method that the author uses to present the proof or refute the proof.
    • Is the author successful in his project? why or why not?
    • What implication does the author’s reasoning have for the existence of God?
  3. Your paper will be graded on how well it addresses the above and also its overall organization and clarity. No outside research is required for this paper.  If you quote the textbook, simply cite the page number after the quote. I have no specific format requirements.