360 Exam 2 Preview

Exam Format:

9 Short answer Questions (1-2 sentences), 4 Medium answer questions (3-5 sentences) drawn primarily from study questions at the end of the chapters.

1 Long answer question.  Two of the three below will be on the exam, and you will answer one of them.

How much should a utilitarian give to the poor around the world?  Why? Justify your answer from the utilitarian perpective.

A large deposit of lithium, a valuable mineral, has just been discovered in Afghanistan.  Who should own it (note I am not asking who legally owns it, I’m asking who should own it)? Who should be allowed to profit from it, and to what extent?

Your company has been buying fine woven cloth from a factory in Zubania (a fictitious country). You find out that the factory is employing young children full time, which is legal in Zubania.  What should your company’s response be? Justify your answer using moral reasoning.